Mat Santamouris
Keynote Speaker

Mat Santamouris

Scientia, Distinguished, Professor of High Performance Architecture at UNSW

Θέμα Ομιλίας 

Urban overheating mitigation and adaptation to local climate change

  1. Santamouris

Anita Lawrence Chair High Performance Architecture

Faculty of Built Environment, University New South Wales,Sydney Australia, m. [email protected]


Counterbalancing the effects of urban heat island is a major priority for the scientific community.  Several techniques have been proposed, developed and applied with quite high success. Proposed mitigation techniques and technologies involve the use of the so called cool materials presenting a high reflectivity in the solar spectrum together with a high thermal emissivity value, able to amortize and dissipate solar and thermal energy, the development of smart materials presenting high optical and thermal performances, the use of green spaces in the urban environment involving appropriate landscaping and design of urban green modules, the use of appropriate heat sinks presenting low temperature to dissipate the excess ambient heat involving the use of the ground, ambient air and water, appropriate shading and solar control of urban surfaces, and the use of cool and green roofs in urban buildings.

The present lecture aims to analyse the actual developments in the field of urban heat island and local climatic change in cities and also present the development and the characteristic of new advanced urban mitigation techniques designed to counterbalance the phenomenon.