Marilena Sifaki

Marilena Sifaki

Co-Founder, Co-Owner, Head Architect at CΗΩROS Sifakis Architects

Title: “Decoding” Rammed Earth and Recycled Steel: A Journey Towards the Utopian City


Is the creation of a utopian city achievable?

Having conquered the utopian city’s conceptual realization, our next milestone should be materializing it, seeking for ways to render the utopian city achievable both architecturally and sustainably.

In the midst of an uncertain future for our planet, our goal as architects it to limit our destructive physical imprints. Today, more than ever, we see the creation of a utopian city as a necessity rather than an option, a city whose architectural language is formed with materials deriving from the earth, ultimately returning back to it, producing little to no CO2 emissions, waste and material scarcity.

With this in mind, in our proposed urban study for the utopian city, concerning an awarded proposal for the re-design of Larissa’s urban fabric titled “The Decoded Path”, rammed earth and recycled steel became our main “companions” in designing the city of the future.

Given that our project revolves around a UNESCO World Heritage Monument, we saw how it is of outmost importance that the utopian city embraces its origins, using its history as a vessel to shape the future. Rammed earth and recycled steel are the ideal foundation in creating the utopian city as, they honour their origin – earth – while being able to be fully unified again with the earth or be infinitely recycled in any form at any point in time.